The Impact of COVID-19 on Real Estate

We are in some pretty uncharted territory, and it’s going to be a little while before the dust settles and we see the devastation of the Coronavirus to the markets, and the local economies throughout the USA. Restaurant attendance has plummeted, renters are losing their hourly paychecks, and nobody is entirely sure what comes next. […]

Mortgage Rates Fall to the Lowest Level in Three Months

This week in Real Estate and Property Management news: Mortgage rates fall to the lowest level in three months — but this could be a double-edged sword for buyers. Escaping the Day-to-Day Grind to Work on Your Business with Jefferson Lilly, Pushing After 150k Loss in One Day with Bob Lachance. Also, it appears that […]

How to get a National Tenant in a Retail Shopping Center

On this weeks edition of “The Weekly Digs”: How to get a national tenant in a retail shopping center on the Joe Fairless podcast. Quitting retail to flip houses on the Bigger Pockets’ podcast. Also, home sales rose 3.6% in December as the low unemployment rates support demand for more buying of homes in the […]

Wildfire Insurance is Hurting California Home Sales

In this edition of the weekly digs: Buyers back out of deals or cut offers as prices of policies jump; “We’re just going to get a bunch of houses sitting on the market that won’t sell.” How one couple bought 7 rental properties in one year. And from bigger pockets: 40 Doors in His First […]