U.S. City Dwellers Are Looking for Suburban Homes

New York is leading the race for urban dwellers fleeing cities in search of suburban homes. Mortgage rates drop to record lows; however, it could start getting more expensive to refinance a home soon. Also, are rural land prices going through the roof? This and more below the fold! Join The Weekly Digs for Real […]

Are Americans Leaving Cities in the wake of COVID-19?

In this weeks real estate news: Are Americans leaving cities in the wake of COVID-19? Mortgage rates hit an historic all-time low, thus driving many buyers out of cities and into suburbs (again). Foreign home buyers dry up, opening the path for domestic buyers. And July 11-12 COVID numbers are the highest yet. This and […]

The Impact of COVID-19 on Real Estate

We are in some pretty uncharted territory, and it’s going to be a little while before the dust settles and we see the devastation of the Coronavirus to the markets, and the local economies throughout the USA. Restaurant attendance has plummeted, renters are losing their hourly paychecks, and nobody is entirely sure what comes next. […]