The U.S. is running out of houses

In this weeks edition of The Weekly Digs: Existing home sales fall in November as home buyers are struggling to find houses. LLC vs. C corp, which is better for buying rental houses? This and more below the fold!

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  • What Is Gross Rent Multiplier? How to Use GRM in Real Estate
    • Want to run some back-of-the-napkin numbers on a rental investment? Or find your next city for long-distance real estate investing? Use gross rental multiplier (GRM) for a quick answer.  Gross rent multiplier offers a simple glimpse into the profitability of any…
  • How to Increase a Property’s Value: 11 Ideas to Boost Equity & Rents
    •   Looking for ways to raise your property value? Pricing in real estate has little to do with what you paid for the property, or how much you spent improving it. Real estate values and rents are based on one thing: what buyers and renters perceive the value to…
  • Buying a Property with Tenants: Pros, Cons, and Rules for Landlords
    • It doesn’t get any more “turnkey” than buying a property with tenants already renting it. But that doesn’t mean that buying a property with tenants doesn’t come with its own risks. The tenants and former landlord had their own way of doing things that may differ from…
  • How Do 1031 Exchanges Work? Defer Taxes on Investment Properties
    • Owning that first rental property is a huge milestone for investors. It lets you dip your toe into the market, gain experience in property management, and build confidence in your judgement. But for ambitious landlords, the first property marks just one step on a…

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