The Impact of COVID-19 on Real Estate

We are in some pretty uncharted territory, and it’s going to be a little while before the dust settles and we see the devastation of the Coronavirus to the markets, and the local economies throughout the USA. Restaurant attendance has plummeted, renters are losing their hourly paychecks, and nobody is entirely sure what comes next. This and more, on the Weekly Digs.

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  • How Does the Coronavirus Impact Real Estate Investors?
    • As the coronavirus continues rattling investors and shuttering businesses around the world, people keep asking me the same question over and over: What will the impact on real estate be? Because no one knows how long the global pandemic will last, no one can know how…
  • Out-of-State Real Estate Investing with BRRRRs: Whitney’s System
    • “I keep offering to pay for my husband to retire and mountain bike all day, if he’ll move overseas with me. So far he keeps turning me down, but we’ll travel the world sooner or later!” Whitney Hutten is 44 and brings in around $15,000 per month in passive rental…
  • How to Buy Turnkey Properties Sight Unseen
    • Would you buy a rental property sight unseen? It might sound like a terrifying prospect, but it’s actually much more common than you’d think. Thanks to technology and the Internet it’s now easier than ever for investors to research and buy turnkey properties in the…
  • The Debt Snowball Method, FIRE, and Real Estate Investing
    •   When you’ve got extra money in your budget for financial goals, should you allocate it toward aggressive debt payoff or invest it? Financial experts love to point to math that shows investing is usually the best place for your money, but that decision proves…

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