75 Deals at Just 20 Years Old

This Week in the Weekly Digs: In Bigger Pockets podcast – Will Brown reveals how laser-focusing on “deal flow” allowed him to build a rental property portfolio.Home Permits Soar to Highest Level in 13 Years in January, and We have a list of the apartment features tenants want most these days. This and more below the fold

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  • BiggerPockets Podcast 371: 75 Deals at Just 20 Years Old with William Brown

    • $700,000-plus in wholesale fees—fresh out of high school! On this show, Will Brown reveals how laser-focusing on “deal flow” allowed him to build a rental property portfolio, build a self-sustaining business, and amass a small fortune… all in a matter of months. You’ll be blown away by Will’s story

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  • Apartment Amenities in Demand: Housing Features Tenants Want Most
    • As an investor, every dollar spent needs to justify itself. You have to weigh which real estate amenities are worth your extra money based on which can garner higher rental rates, better tenants, and stronger loyalty. Some apartment amenities are consistently in…
  • How to Invest in Real Estate: 12 Types of Real Estate Investments
    • I love real estate investments as a source of income. Whether you’re looking to earn a quick return through wholesaling or flipping, or earn ongoing passive income from rental properties, there are dozens of strategies and types of real estate investing. Most real…
  • What Is Wholesaling Real Estate? Is It Too Good to Be True?
    • For most of us, the term “wholesale” refers to the lower price that a business pays for items, compared to the retail price that they sell to consumers. It turns out that real estate wholesaling works exactly the same way. But in the case of wholesale real estate, the…
  • How to Buy Foreclosures: How John Nets $20,000 in Monthly Rents
    • At 30, John Soforic was broke. But he had a vision: he wanted to earn $220,000 per year in passive income. So he wrote himself a check for $220,000, which he set aside where he would see it. By his late 40s, that vision had become reality. Not that he waited that long…

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