How to get a National Tenant in a Retail Shopping Center

On this weeks edition of “The Weekly Digs”: How to get a national tenant in a retail shopping center on the Joe Fairless podcast. Quitting retail to flip houses on the Bigger Pockets’ podcast. Also, home sales rose 3.6% in December as the low unemployment rates support demand for more buying of homes in the U.S. This and more below the fold.

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  • When Should Landlords Add a Co-Signer on a Lease?
    • “I’m sorry, but you need a regular income and a good credit rating to lease one of our apartments,” Mary Keller explained to the anxious 20-year-old student eager to lease a one-bedroom unit in the popular Harlan House Apartments near the University of Arkansas. The…
  • 7 Properties in One Year: Nathaniel & Brittany’s Rental Investing Story
    • You can’t post most photos of couples in the shower together on respectable websites. Unless, of course, they’re renovating an investment property. Nathaniel and Brittany Hovsepian are 35 and 27 years old respectively, and own seven rental properties in the Central…
  • State Taxes Comparison: Are Americans Fleeing High-Tax States in 2020?
    • It turns out Americans really do vote with their feet – especially when it comes to state tax rates. United Van Lines releases a report every year on the prior year’s migration patterns within the U.S. They just issued their 2019 report, and the data is fascinating….
  • Should I Hire a Property Manager? Pros, Cons & Costs
    • “At what point should I hire a property manager?” Sooner or later, most real estate investors question whether to hire property management to make their rental income truly passive. I did, and I decided that for me professional management was almost as important as…

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