Weekly Digs – Negotiating

In this special Wednesday edition of the weekly digs, we see a lot of interesting things happening. Apparently housing sales in October weren’t as rosy as previously reported, mostly because buyers couldn’t find homes. And we take a look at negotiating with contractors. This and more below the fold!

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  • How to Negotiate with Contractors: The Definitive Guide
    • Dealing with contractors is one of the hardest parts of investing in real estate. The ones who actually return your calls promptly, show up on time for work, and complete jobs on-schedule? They charge a pretty penny for that basic level of professionalism. In fact,…
  • Where’s the Cheapest Real Estate in the US? Should You Invest in It?
    • Everyone loves a deal, an opportunity to acquire an asset at a low cost. When retailers cut their prices on Black Friday and Cyber Monday each year, frenzied shoppers crowd the store aisles to compete for the limited items on the shelves. And every year, the mania for…
  • Can You Take Out a HELOC on an Investment Property?
    • Have some rental properties with equity in them, and want to access it to help you grow your real estate portfolio? One way to buy a rental property with no money down is to leverage equity in your other properties. That could mean a blanket loan against multiple…
  • “I Rented Dirt”: How Scott Replaced His 9-5 Income with Land Investments
    • “Oh, I also had a few rental homes, but I mainly rented dirt.” So begins Scott Todd’s story, his journey from corporate manager to land investor to being able to cover his living expenses on land rental income alone. Scott reached financial independence in under a…

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