Weekly Digs — When I dip, you dip, we dip

Across the board, home sales have dropped in September. New home sales dropped 1% in September, while existing-home sales dipped 2.2% in the same month. High prices and slim inventory appear to be weighing in on the housing market. We also explore buying your first rental property with no money down, renting to college students, and more below the fold.

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  • Going Beyond the Basics of Training: How to Develop a Future for Today’s Employees
    • Millennials are America’s future. They are close to overtaking Baby Boomers as the largest living generation and are on track to being the most educated, according to Pew Research Center. Millennials also dominate the U.S. workforce at 56 million strong, based on the latest U.S. census data. Experts say that this generation wants to be trained and[…]
  • Acing the Senior Living Market
    • The senior living market has become more competitive than ever. The National Investment Center for Seniors Housing & Care reported that occupancy fell to eight-year lows at one point last year. Operators face workforce challenges and aging in place is becoming more desirable. Whether independent living, assisted living or memory care, senior housing properties are being[…]
  • Is Your Website Senior and ADA Friendly?
    • According to AARP, Baby Boomers spend about $3 trillion annually and a whopping 78 percent are online, where they’re buying $7 billion in goods and services. As of 2017, they spent more time online than Millennials. It’s likely their time spent online will continue to grow, and they have the resources to support an increasing number of online[…]
  • Turning a Bad Turn Day into a Good One with Technology
    • Hours upon hours and days upon days can be spent planning and executing student housing lease-ups. Vendor schedules must be coordinated, leases approved, apartments assigned and roommates matched. Property management technology can assist but the sweat of the brow is often necessary. Most of all, listening to students and parents as they embark upon one[…]

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