The Weekly Digs – August 26th

The Trump administration is reducing the size of loans people can get through FHA refinancing. Multifamily rent has continued to increase in recent months, and more…

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  • RealWorld 2019: Reliving the Magic
    • Taking a break from the glitz of Las Vegas, RealWorld 2019 captured the magic, imagination and inspiration known for one of America’s top vacation destinations in July. RealPage greeted customers and industry leaders for three days in Orlando and demonstrated how its software changes how people experience, utilize and monetize rental space for working, living[…]
  • NMHC Toolkit Designed to Stimulate Affordability in Apartment Industry
    • The multifamily housing industry has reached the point of crisis in many communities where rent rises have surpassed households’ pay raises, straining affordability. Attempts – some of them successful – to enact rent control have cast a dark cloud, and leaders argue that mandatory limits to price increases aren’t a viable solution, now or tomorrow.[…]
  • Feeling Good Inside
    • The multifamily industry impacts millions of lives every day. As such, it is in society’s best interest that multi-family professionals do what they can to create healthy indoor environments within their communities. Residents receiving the full benefit of healthy indoor air is a win for everyone. Residents benefit when apartment communities in deregulated energy markets[…]
  • Apartmentalize Re-Affirms that the Apartment Industry is Hitting on All Cylinders
    • Leveraging data analytics improves NOI, Gen Z and Boomers are primed to make an impact on multifamily, maintenance is having greater influence on apartment brands and service animals are still a hot topic in the apartment industry. These topics and more were on the minds of multifamily professionals who converged in record numbers in June[…]

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